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We Are Here: Fail Blog 2012 A Year in Review

Well readers, it’s a new year and we survived the apocalypse. Good job with that. A lot happened in 2012 and I feel it is worth recapping. So here is the obligatory year in review and a snapshot at my life as is circa 2013. Discipline and Muse-willing, I will write more than I have in the previous years. Here’s what I got for now.

Professionally Directing:
In the Spring of 2012 I had the wonderful opportunity of directing a regional premier at the Corbin Theatre in Liberty, MO. It was challenging and stimulating getting to engage in theatre outside of my comfort zone of the Jewell Theatre Company. I learned a lot and I was humbled in the process.

The Lonely Beat of Mr. G:
Substituting for North Kansas City Schools was a great experience and towards the end of the school year I had more than enough work to help provide for Katherine and I. However well it was going, my loving wife pointed out that I didn’t really have any community at work being the Lone Ranger guy bouncing from school to school. It was hard to begin and maintain relationships when you are all over the place and with different classes everyday. It was very lonely at times. I needed to be part of a team. To do what I do best. Enjoy being with people and to encourage all to have fun while we work. At the end of the year, I had a better understanding of what to look for in a teaching job for the Fall. If I couldn’t find a Theatre position, I ought to look for something that would be in the same place everyday and to be part of a team. God answered that need in the summer with a position at Liberty Oaks Elementary School working with severely autistic students. More on that later.

One Year of Marriage Celebrated:
At the close of the school year, Katherine and I embarked on a brief expedition to luxurious Omaha, Nebraska for a one year anniversary getaway. Before returning home, we made a detour across I-80 to Iowa to pick up a little baby Corgi we named Toby as a finale one-year gift. Katherine swooned as she held the little guy the whole way back
One year of marriage? Me? I still don’t know how I got so lucky to be with such an amazing woman. We are working on 2 years now and I am loving every minute of it more and more.

Buying a Freaking House:
During the long days of summer being teachers with plenty of time on our hands aside for my acting classes with The Coterie, we realized we had the desire to plant some more permanent roots in our little college town of Liberty. Being an Army brat I wanted a place I could be for a long time and somewhere familiar that I could invest in.  However, we are not super rich living off taxpayer dollars and we knew virtually nothing of what it meant to buy or own a home. We stopped by Remax in Liberty to sit down with my friend Paul from Crepes on the Square to inquire about the process. He encouraged us, with interest rates super low, to start looking and that we qualified for more than we originally thought. I didn’t like the idea of flushing rent down the toilet anymore and so we dove right into looking for a home in the area. We found a steal we could afford and got the keys at the end of October.

Special New Job with Special People:
Working at my new job has been more than rewarding. I never imagined I would work with such great kids and with such a great team of teachers. I think I have grown up more in the past few months than I have in a long time. I’ve learned a new meaning of patience, gentleness, and how to build relationships with students and coworkers. I don’t know how long I will work at Liberty Oaks, and I am still sure I want to teach Theatre full time, but while I’m here I love what I do and it is providing more than enough for Katherine, and Toby and I to live on in our new house.

Shakespeare I am Not:
At the beginning of December I had a play produced at a community theatre just south of downtown KC in Shawnee, KS. It was a surreal experience watching something I conjured up in my imagination take place before my eyes. My family and in-laws got to enjoy it with me.

We Are Here: Dead on Arrival:
Finally, in mid December the global flash-mob idea I had a year ago flopped big time. I think I knew it would but the process of trying to get it to happen taught me a lot about leadership, my own heart ,and the more about how the world works. I’m glad it failed because the world doesn’t need a global flash mob to make it a better place. I truly believe it just needs more hope in the only place hope can be found. In a hero who did more to make the world right than I will or can do. He redeemed an entire people to the only God of the universe. He is big enough to save me, you, and the rest of us. This is the only thing I’m standing on, the only source for any joy I have, and the only thing giving me life.

The Big 25:
I’m about to turn 25. I used to be afraid of that number because it’s a quarter of a century. I don’t mind anymore. I say bring it on. I know life is short, I know where I’m going and what I care about. Why can’t life and people be like wine? It should get finer with time. The best is yet to come. Maybe not circumstantially because I know I will face hardships that may bring me face to face with the carpet. I may lose all that I have. But the best is yet to come no matter what.

Community as a Theme:
I’m still trudging through the post college no-man’s-land navigating what it means to be in community and how to stay in touch with friends and family when it feels like myself and everyone around me is in a state of flex and transition. Please help me do that. I want and need friends and family in my life. This is where I’m at. 

Thanks for reading. 2012 was great. 2013 will be better. More to come. Lots to write about in greater detail.

I may not know you by name or know everything about you, but I love you. If I have been unloving to you, I am sorry. To love another person is to see the face of God. That’s all I’m seeking.

May you love somebody with all that you have. And may you see the face of God.


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