Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Already Rescued

Stranded on The Beach we send messages in bottles out to sea.
Watching the horizon, we wait.
By dawn and by dusk, we wait.

The more bottles we send, the brighter the sparks of electric-hope burn.
Yet it is the waiting that exposes who we really are.
What we really believe.

Anyone can be filled with hope sending messages out to sea.
It is the waiting, the ever present dance of hope and despair, that reveals our true colors.
So we wait.

We wait.
Never losing hope, we wait.
Scanning the water, we wait.

We wait until our messages are answered.
Until we know we will be Rescued.
Until our Ship comes in.

But until That Day comes…we wait.
Send a bottle or two.
And wait another day.


  1. I dig it man. Catch up soon!

  2. I love this Brian! :)