Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Death of Summer

Whelp…. the summer is over and this is my first blog of the summer…… Ironic? Lazy? Random? Seahorses? Yes, probably all of those.

In this blog I will attempt (with one hand tied behind my back) to sum up all that I experienced, all that I learned and all that I anticipate as I enter into this new chapter in my life. So, to recap for our less intellectually inclined readers, I seek to word vomit all over this screen. The vomit will contain a slimy liquid of summer happenings, lessons learned garnished with chunks and bits about where I am at now and where I am going.

Now that we’re all grossed out by awkward imagery I will proceed.

Chapter one (just kidding).

In my last blog I vented to the masses that I felt the need to be initiated into something bigger than myself. I wanted a grand trip or an epic challenge of sorts to send me spiraling towards adulthood and success. If you remember (or can scroll down) I planned taking a longer than needed bike trek across the state where unicorns and bands and giant juicy watermelons would be waiting for me. And I would be complete. False. That did not happen. Furthermore, I think I got on my bike twice because of this nauseating heat.

My buddy Bret and I came to the realization that our dream of Lance Armstrongness would have to be reduced to “a Sunday afternoon ride.” We still have yet to do this, but I believe cooler weather is a preliminary requisite for said activity.

Before I continue with this story please know that I didn’t forget about you or us and this activity we share. I “blogged” like three or four times but I didn’t think any were good enough to “publish.” However, with the good reminder by my mother “good enough” is a relative thing and I shouldn’t care. So this is me not caring. I mean think about it, I could write about seahorses and it would still be blogging. I could type the alpha-bet backwards and discuss my ear cleaning habits and somebody out there in cyberspace might read it!

But the point isn’t that people will read it, is it? It’s something more. I told my mom it’s all the rewards of being a writer without any of the real struggles. I publish on my own terms, I can write whatever, whenever and for whomever. I can get instant feedback and often do. I can have a satisfying feeling knowing that I “accomplished something.”

Enough of this metatextual blogging (Blogging about blogging).

So I didn’t get initiated into adulthood via adventure. However I did enter into a new club that might indirectly help me feel more closure about my experience as a college kid. It’s the club called marriage. Let me back up….engagement with the eventual goal being marriage.

I haven’t really preached to the mountains about my current relationship, and that’s because in the back of my mind I was thinking “well what if it doesn’t work out?” And if that was the case then I’d have to revoke all the sweet nothings I wrote about the girl. I have done that in the past and I didn’t want to do that again. So I asked her to marry me. Now she’s trapped (I win). So I can write all I want about her!!!!!! Hahahah!!!!!!
OMG she is so cute, like totally ya know? 5ft nothing soft brown hair and green eyes like the colors of non-ripened wheat. She likes me for me and theatre and kids and flying kites from Wal-Mart and we’re just about as happy as two puppies with their heads out the window of a Toyota Tacoma 2004 standard transmission two seat truck!!!!!!!!!!

Which brings me to my other happening. I got wheels. Through the good Grace of God and those-that-birthed-me, my walking to class and virtually everywhere days are gone! No longer shall I be “that guy” that has to bum rides everywhere or ride his bike to school carrying bags of books and workout and rehearsal clothes while balancing a travel mug of coffee on my handlebars!

I did it! Four years of undergraduate college without a car! It helps that my school was very centralized and I didn’t really have a life outside it, but the fact remains that I did it.
It’s a very good thing. Also for my future children I can, in good conscience, willingly deprive them of a car until they graduate thus saving me tons of money! That sounds funny, but I am serious. Also, in no way was that a jab at my parents. They felt terrible about me walking everywhere and not having a car. I think it was a good thing though. My sister did it, and so did I. Let me tell you I appreciate this car so much more now. I will not take it for granted. Because of this gratitude I have decided to dedicate my truck (Eeva) to the powers of good, not evil. I will stop to pick up things and people. I will help my friends move out of their apartments. I will transport absurd amounts of cargo and humans to various places around the Kansas City area. Amen.

So I got me a fiancé and I got me a truck.
No, I will not reveal the story of our engagement quite yet! Calm down people. I will save that for a later blog to go into better detail. I realize that already I have wasted about five minutes of your time and so I will break this blog into a few sections.

More to come!