Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poem for The Season

The Taking and the Giving
Inspired by A Severe Mercy

A time to take, and receive all that is around me.
Harvest time for winter’s approach.
But I am not far away from summer’s kiss.
My warm childhood and youthful spirit remain inside.

And still I gather, take in, and work for colder times
Not long, when the Time of Giving dawns.
The Dishing of the Grain.
A time when I shall deal generously with the hungry and thirsty.
Giving to those in warmer months, and in every Season.

So stay in now, where the bounty overflows.
Drink deep of Knowledge, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Understanding and the Things of the King.
For soon the need to give them away will come.
The Taking passed as green to brown,
with the smell of crisp snow clouds and shorter days.

I dedicate this poem to all my twenty something guys and gals. College students, graduates, those living in their parent's basement. But mostly to my lil' bro. Here's to you Andrew. Don't be a fool, stay in school. Even if you and I are both pursuing useless degrees.... maybe one day when we teach living off government cheese, we'll look back and say: "Hey! I'm glad I'm up to my ears in debt so the state could give me this stupid little paper that says I can teach kids how to be deadbeat actors and theatre technicians!" I think it will pay off.

So, go learn, make mistakes, find your story, act and rethink how you think. Meta-cognition....ugh!
I love you bro....welcome to the club.
Take in every bit of anything they throw at you, but always remember your roots.....

Go to class and brush your teeth.

I was going to ramble on about this poem's importance to me at this time of my life before I finish college, but I don't think I will. Life is long. Just another ripple in my pond.

Oh boy...senior I come....

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