Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love's Interview:
All Humans Need Apply

Written by Brian R. Gehrlein

Love is patient love is kind

If asked to wait I would not mind

It does not envy does not boast

Then Green’s no color that I’ll host

It is not proud it is not rude

Though pride may creep I’ll keep it glued

Love is always other seeking

I’ll be the patchwork for your “leaking”

Love cannot be easy upset

I’ll do my best, if mad, I’ll jet!

No record of wrongs should ever be kept

My pages are blank, my memory swept!

Your love should not in evil delight

Don’t ask again its evil I’ll fight!

Love should always rejoice in truth

My joy is clear and pure as youth

And if you love you will protect

Though waves may crash this ship won’t wreck

Your love, our love must always trust

You’re right by that I know it must

If love’s all here but without hope?

I’m sure, as you, the love won’t cope!

Perseverance is love’s aim

Like lengthy walks or steady flame!

But most important that you know

I’ve got no place I need to go

This love I want can never fail

My love it won’t I trust the Nail!

Christ’s walk, is now my guide, my rule

Without His light, to live’s a fool!

I see the questions are but done

May we, in hand, begin the run?

We may, I see your words are true

But time will tell and actions too

You say you are the one for me

So, if you love me set me free!

Simple, cute, true... What else do we want?

This is who I am...the hopeless romantic... at least I'm trying...
This poem is like banana pancakes on a rainy day with your best friend and a little bit like Dr. Seuss chillin out with 1 Corinthians 13!


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