Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ripple Effect

Lord of Love with tear drops full drip one drop into my soul
Ripple waves from Holy Fount circle growing inside out
Ripple moving faster still striking others changing will
Is it all connected through every action that we do?
one small touch, or word or deed vital thread or hope filled seed?
Is it all your perfect plan waiting deep within each man
If only fear through love was gone could we see your gentle dawn?
bursting through our darkened age finally reading brand new page
hope and love and peace so dear no more shedding painful tear
Ripple moving, love linked chain give us grace to help you Reign
The interconnectedness of life...
This is something my mother taught me a long time ago. Everything we do has a ripple effect on others. Nothing is purely isolated. Thoughts, actions, words spoken all ripple into others. We can only hope that the ripples we send are Right and Good and True... All dripping from God's Grace leading us inward out to eternity and beyond...

1 comment:

  1. I am blown away that you held on to something I taught you- God taught me first... the ripple effect at its finest :^) Love you, son! Mom