Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be My Lord My Love My All

Be my Lord my Love my All open ears to hear your Call
You alone shall reign on high in my heart that You did Buy
Be my Vision and my Voice Careful Thought with every choice
watching Mind and Heart and Deed, Breathing Life to Words I Read
and with every single day may Your Grace bring Peace the Way
holding Hand and Map and Sight on the path in need of Light
may I careful look and turn on my Journey as I learn

feeling every joy and pain sunlight’s kiss or drenching rain
seeing Truth and Good come round every season I am found
knowing Hope is closer still every time I let You Fill
loneliness is paired with fear Stir my heart and draw me near
bring me someone I may love completing partner from above
let us walk as ONE deep tied trusting You alone our Guide
believing love can last forever keeping You within The Centre

I wrote this poem as a prayer not for public view.
I hope this blesses many or at least a chosen few...

God is Meaning, Truth, Peace, Love and Beauty. He is Real and He is near, not far...not far away...


  1. Love It!
    really, it's great, and I love that I am able to see God working in your life through this poem, and through your blog.

  2. Good stuff!! Keep shining that light- "you are the light of the world, a city set on a hill"... Love you!! Mom