Monday, February 16, 2009

I realize that my past blogs have been super long and boring. These are two words that I have never heard to describe me. And so I feel that I must post on something less trivial, maybe less preachy, maybe less...whatever... so I think I might write about a topic I think I know enough about to have something to say. This is a topic that many people are into based on many conversations that I have had. I'm going to talk about dating. That's right the big D word. I'm not really sure what my views are on it, but we'll explore that together. I think a lot of young people are lost about how to approach a dating relationship especially one with those scary things involved--FEELINGS!!! Yikes!!! I know, I know feelings are scary and should be avoided at all costs. Anyway I just wanted to announce my next topic of discussion. I don't think I will ever need to get super specific because if I do there are a few girls out there that would probably eat my soul. True that. Alright sounds good! I'll see you soon... bring your opinions and your critical discussion hats and we'll hash it out!

Normally I don't like to super structure anything because I feel that restricts creativity and organity, but I would like to PROJECT a series of topics that I will talk about that include:
Brian on dating
Brian on politics
Brian on education
Brian on theology
Brian on religion
Brian on nature
Brian on life
Brian on love
Brian on poetry
Brian on Acting and theatre
Brian on Art
Brian on hangnails
Brian on planets that aren't planets anymore

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  1. I am stoked for the segment on planets that aren't planets anymore! Yes!