Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poem for a dreamer

Wake Up Now Dreamer

I am a dreamer dreaming dreams,
Conceiving what never was.
I wait in dreams, entranced it seems,
Between a clock-tick pause.
So lost in dreams, in things,
In hope, in morning’s rising sun.
So lost in dreams, so much it seems,
My now is all but done.
For I have spent my past in dreams
And hope for night to end.
Moment fleeting now—tis passed.
For time, she does not bend.
Alas, for soon, my past is now,
And now my now has passed.
Now is gone. Sweet dreamers remember that
Time slips by too fast.
Cruel time has killed my dreams for good,
And dreaming killed my now.
Too late to dream, too late to live.
No dreaming should you vow.
If in today you rest,
Save your dreaming for tomorrow.
You’ll have a dream, you’ll have a now,
You’ll live without my sorrow.
I know tomorrow killed today.
My dream, she never came.
Wake up from dreams, arise to now.
To dream’s a foolish game!

I wrote this poem after I spent a great deal of time literally doing nothing dreaming about everything...

I don't believe that meaning can inherently be in a poem or a literary text. Sure words have meaning but they only mean what we want them to mean. The meaning is in us. Words and poems change as we do. Emphasis on interpretation. Without being redundant I'm not a fan of New Criticism in literature theory. Reader response is my piece. This poem or any poem I post on this blog will mean what you think or need it to mean. You bring the meaning and I'll bring the words.

I find myself in the future far too often and quite frankly I’m sick of missing my now. I suppose you could apply this to the Christian faith. Dreaming about heaven isn't going to get you there any faster. We have work to do and we aren't even guaranteed the rest of the day. All we have is now. So stop reading this and kiss your loved ones, do what is most important, get some work done and don't wait till tomorrow. Stop all that dreaming or you may have no time left to dream.

Guilty accusation....instead of writing this blog or contemplating the delicate balance between dreaming and living I will go do some studying...

I guess I'll just use this blog to write reflections, poems, and stories about everything I think is meaningful. Thanks for reading.



  1. Bri! I read your poem four times...I never knew you could write like that! Good words, brother. You are a wise man. Thanks for sharing your thoughts--I look forward to reading more!

  2. Brian,
    This is amazing. You have a great deal of depth that we've been seeing more of the past few months. Thank you for letting us in to your heart. Keep up as much as you are led- I will always read your words!

  3. Brian! Wow! That was a great poem. I love the line "I know tomorrow killed today." wow. I'm so glad you have a blog now. You can check mine out at From there you can also get links to Amy and my mom's blog if you want. Keep writing! I'll keep reading!

  4. just beautiful, brian! i really look forward to reading more of your writings!

  5. Grrr. this is great...i have many aspirations for myself, but i always feel like i never get anything done, or any closer to achieving my goals...i guess what i am trying to say it that this poem kinda woke me up and made me realize that MAN!!! I'm wasting away dreaming all of this stuff up rather than going out and making it happen, all these ministries i have in the front of my mind...i needed this!!! it's beautifully written!!! A++